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3 oncology-focused projects, including novel targeted therapies (molecules and antibodies), under development and potentially available for licensing or collaboration.
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04/25/13 : OriBase Pharma is entitled to taxes return for investment

Thanks to a first round of fund raising realized successfully ( 1 500 000€), involving 52 investors, we were able...
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About OriBase Pharma


OriBase Pharma is an early development stage company with a pipeline of original molecules in development for aggressive oncology diseases. These diseases include pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, triple negative breast cancer and lung cancer. OriBase Pharma additionally has collaborative research projects for other oncology indications.

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide with an estimated 7.6 million deaths in 2008 and an estimated rise to 13.1 million in the year 2030. Resistance to chemotherapy drugs presents a major problem in cancer treatment. Intrinsic & acquired drug resistance leads to poor prognosis of patients and the eventual failure of treatment regimens in the majority of advanced tumors. 

Our discovery strategy is based on our unique expertise cancer biology with pronounced  interest and expertise in the field of kinase inhibitors. The strategy involves  the design of small molecules Multi-Kinase inhibitors thanks to the use of our in house developed and innovative technology platform HitFast Discovery combined to proprietary chemistry processes. Our strategy involves also the development of first-in-class monoclonal antibodies directed against receptor kinases or conjugated monoclonal antobodies.